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  • RQL 23-1
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Rockfall protection netting is used to prevent rocks and debris from falling onto roads, railways or where there is a possibility of loss of property or life. The wire used in the manufacture of Rockfall Netting is heavily zinc coated. Where necessary, a 0, 5 mm nominal thick PVC coating is applied to provide added protection for use in polluted environments where soil or water is acidic, in salt or fresh water or wherever the risk of corrosion is present. Rockfall Netting is made of hexagonal woven wire Mesh Type 60 or 80 commonly referred to as double twist wire mesh. Rockfall Netting is supplied in standard lengths and widths.

- by curtain meshing the rock faces
- by catch walling

By curtain meshing the face, spalling rocks can be either held in place by pinning the mesh to the rock strata or by draping it over the face guiding the falling rocks harmlessly to the base of the escarpment.

The mesh facing normally has vertical and / or horizontal cabling secured to the mesh / rock to provide fixity and integrity to the jointing of the panels. It is normal to seek advice from specialist installation companies as to the design of this type of work. Additional anchoring of large unstable rock masses on the face may be required.

Catch walling rockfall protection is a freestanding gabion wall of sufficient mass to withstand impact of falling rocks. Location of the catch wall and height of the wall is important to ensure the trajectory of the falling rocks will be impacted on or behind the wall