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  • RQL 30-1
  • RQL 30-2
  • RQL 30-3

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Mesh Tubes & Cylinders, Wire Mesh Strainers, Filter Fittings Baskets, Strainers & Cylinders, Cone Filters, Witches Hats, wire mesh disc, mesh demister, bag filter, demiser pad, water well screen

Our specialist expertise in bespoke filter design & filter manufacture we can provide our customers with filter manufacturing solutions in any shape or design including basket filters, cone filters, cylinder filters and screen filters in expanded metal, perforated plate or wire mesh. We've also perfected the manufacturing process of the Dixon Ring by developing a machine specially for high speed production. We pride ourselves on our commitment to understanding our customers needs and supplying a rapid turnaround on our bespoke services.

Manufactures purpose-made filters, pressings and filter elements to customers’ specifications. Facilities including welding, spot welding, seam welding and press forming.