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1) Scaffolding nets ( Construction mesh, Building mesh )

  • RQL 15-1

These nets are used in the building industry to protect scaffolds. Usually produced in green colour, they permit air passage and have shading properties.
entirely made of polyethylene monofilament UV stabilised yarn, it is a green colour net that can be manufactured with bosses or buttonholes to permit fixing by ropes.

2) Anti dust, wind break

  • RQL 15-2
  • RQL 15-3

Windbreak plastic mesh is manufactured from knitted plastic mesh, which can be used as either a shade net or windbreak net.
Windbreak Mesh - 40% Shade can have the following roll sizes:
1m x 50m Length plastic netting;
Width 1m wide per running metre;
Width 1.5m x 50m length plastic netting;
Width 1.5m wide per running metre;
Width 2m x 50m Length;
2m wide per running metre;
3m x 50m;
3m wide per running metre.

3) Reinforcing wire fabric

  • RQL15-4

welded wire fabric reinforcing
welded steel mesh
welded wire panel
floor heating mesh
Welded Wire Fabric Reinforcing is commonly referred to as WWR, WWF or Welded Steel Mesh (WSM).
It is regularly used for concrete slab construction, such as roadways, in curved structures such as in domes and as bonding fabric for gunite. The cost, time and labor savings of welded wire fabric reinforcing offers an advantage over traditional tied rebar.